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I like to ponder life's eccentricities. I don't really want to explain them or even understand them, just ponder...

Caveman Theatre

Scapish hollows prying, waiting, and elementary math the devil’s calling. See Entire Poem HERE First Published by: Squawk Back! Publication Date: Oct 3, 2017 Advertisements

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  Sun seated low, a fading light dulling to dinge When suddenly, sparks and dynamic hues erupt and cross our vistas gazing This makes one think, but for a moment, mind you, that there is more to life becoming And … Continue reading

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  The miles pass by in the pouring rain click – click – click – click To roads unknown, roads not known In this hazy realm, I can almost hear your whispered petition to Come here Come by Come be … Continue reading

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Beneath the boundless firmament, the measureless leagues of the grassius inland sea ponder Which way is up? Which way yon? Tumble and wreck, and you can’t distinguish where the pririe ends and distance begins Through the forests of bluestem and … Continue reading

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Human Patterns

The sound vibrating through the medium of my dust pulsing, binding to my conscious shell of a vitality, leaking I can’t grasp hold of these fleeting notes I can’t hold them close to love or hate They slip through my … Continue reading

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Eyes gone to the expanse vaguely focused on the mirror before me The window aft, reflected in an external view turned inward to open traces of the past Curtains billow obscuring, then clouding But for moments, a clarity The curtain … Continue reading

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No ticket needed to travel between moments

My hand reached out to present my ticket to the conductor standing right across from me, not four feet away from my bag. Yet before our flesh could press he is across the horizon, rings of dross surrounding us both, … Continue reading

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