Following a thought through a wormhole

As I sat writing
letters one morning
a thought took me,
led me away from
my moment.

The farther I got
from that now
the more my anatomy
tried to follow.

I was stretched
between common
and rare, unable
to keep my eyes
on my pen.

Before I knew
of a reason why
not, my senses
split, and I recalled
my purposes,

As hands took note
my heart took flight,
and the head took
of any view.

And I saw myself
in 2-D and 6,
one mundane, another
anything but singular,
sitting here
and elsewhere
still in sync.


First Published by: Full of Crow
Publication Date – July 24, 2017
Issue # – Spring/Summer 2017
Link to my poem




About Reality's Bellow

I like to ponder life's eccentricities. I don't really want to explain them or even understand them, just ponder...
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