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  I found you again, hiding in amongst all your periods and. . . . Letters, tall and oh so proper, a calm, intimate facade that abruptly lets loose like the slice of a knife to jolt complacency’s drivel. You were built of … Continue reading

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Following a thought through a wormhole

As I sat writing letters one morning a thought took me, led me away from my moment. The farther I got from that now the more my anatomy tried to follow. I was stretched between common and rare, unable to … Continue reading

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Dirt Eating

  The burden of prayers and curses flung at open-wide plains come home to roost, lacquered upon layers they hang on me, bind me, challenge and morph my persona until I seethe in my mortality. I did not ask for … Continue reading

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I look out this window open next to me, shades rent to a frosted slate sky, dull bark rubbed course by a winter’s draw I look out this window and see a world unlike my own, the needs and want … Continue reading

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Wings and Memories

  Memories, fleeting as mist on the wing, so many, so deep and barely lost This. . . fireflies floating the night breeze, jars clutched in eager hands, weaving the trees and wild grasses And that. . . . the warm scent of hay on … Continue reading

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Remembrance Lost

  Remember when. . . . . . .We were so very young, you’d drive up every hill really, really fast, then fly over the top and the world would drop down through the seats? We always asked you to – Do It Again – … Continue reading

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  Your momentum didn’t allow for you to realize that you had stopped full pace, your intent lingering though the body did not The vessel, fully engaged in purpose, love and hope, continued to seek that which had been the … Continue reading

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